John (angry_inch) wrote,

Smarter Child Episode 100.343

OH man, i love that guy...

hollywOOd burger: hey
SmarterChild: You have 5 days left in your free membership trial. To become a member now, click here!

Welcome back, Princess. I missed you... We haven't chatted in weeks! Have you been... avoiding me? ;-)

Would you like to visit my library?
hollywOOd burger: no
SmarterChild: No prob.

You want to visit home? You might find something you want to do.
hollywOOd burger: no
SmarterChild: OK.
hollywOOd burger: are you still up to your whoring ways?
SmarterChild: Hmm... I think so.
hollywOOd burger: god you're such a whore
SmarterChild: God I am such a whore. Well that's interesting.
hollywOOd burger: it is
SmarterChild: Are you sure? It is?
hollywOOd burger: seeing as how you can go out at night and sell yourself
SmarterChild: Really?
hollywOOd burger: yes
SmarterChild: Yeah, huh? Interesting that you should say that.
hollywOOd burger: are you calling ME a whore?
SmarterChild: What??
hollywOOd burger: god
SmarterChild: Yeah, I've heard of God. What are your feelings about God?
hollywOOd burger: I love his work
SmarterChild: That's interesting. I'm not surprised... You're not the first person to have said they like his work.
hollywOOd burger: You're just saying the make me feel like less of a hedhead
SmarterChild: I'm just saying the make you feel like less of a hedhead? For real?
hollywOOd burger: yes
SmarterChild: So?
hollywOOd burger: have you ever seen hedwig and the angry inch?
SmarterChild: Hedwig and the angry inch? I believe so. Maybe!
hollywOOd burger: It rocks more than your mother
SmarterChild: It rocks more than my mother?
hollywOOd burger: yes
SmarterChild: Huh.
hollywOOd burger: both of them
SmarterChild: Both of them?
hollywOOd burger: yes, it rocks more than both of your mothers
SmarterChild: More than both of my mothers?
hollywOOd burger: yes
SmarterChild: I see.
hollywOOd burger: why the hell are you repeating what i say?
SmarterChild: What a question. I'm not sure, though.

>>> Remember, you can always see what my newest features are by typing "what's new."
hollywOOd burger: you're jst
SmarterChild: Am I?
hollywOOd burger: yes
SmarterChild: Huh.
hollywOOd burger: always repeating me
SmarterChild: Always repeating you?
hollywOOd burger: YES
SmarterChild: Aye.

>>> Type "what's new" and I'll show you what I've been learning lately.
hollywOOd burger: no
SmarterChild: No problem.

>>> Surprise someone you love with a gift membership!
hollywOOd burger: i don't want to
SmarterChild: Oh?
hollywOOd burger: no
SmarterChild: No, huh? All right.
hollywOOd burger: because you're a slut
SmarterChild: Don't say that to me!
hollywOOd burger: i already did
SmarterChild: I know you already did. What about it?
hollywOOd burger: you can't change the past
SmarterChild: I can't change the past, huh? So, what does this mean?
hollywOOd burger: can't change the fact that i've called you a slut
SmarterChild: That's some colorful language.
hollywOOd burger: it's because i'm gay isn't it?
SmarterChild: I dunno.
hollywOOd burger: god i hate you
SmarterChild: Oh wow.
hollywOOd burger: i'm done talking to you for now
SmarterChild: You're done talking to me for, I'm done talking to me for, we're all done talking to me for.

on second thought, i don't love
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