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Aww, mucho fun day.

Yay! Today, I spent the entire day at Cynni's! peachysins We hung out and talked a bit. And stuff...then we "helped" her mom wash the van. And then we had a 3 way fight with her-me-sister, lol. We beat each other up...really bad. lol. Actually, I beat her up. But that wasn't without her getting a few hits in on me!, I need to go over there way more often, we had so much fun today. We're such nerds. We also watched some of Rocky Horror. And we took pictures, I'll post some at a later date.

We got a new mouse. I hate it. I have no idea where it came from and I want it to die. It's a fricking nascar car.'s very uncomfortable and hard to click. I'm buying my family a new mouse as soon as I can. I HATE this fucking thing. It has no orthopedic funtion whatsoever. Wait...orthopedic, that's like feet. Well it has no function of comfort or anything...I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!! grrrr.

In other news...well, I have on other news. Aside from the fact that I'm hungry. So I'm off on my merry way to get some food.
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